What have you learned from working with Jaime & Katie?

Foundations of Body Love


"It's never too late to do this kind of work on yourself!
 I learned to really listen to myself, honour where I'm at, and see and love me for me."
 - Jacky V. 

"The support to live a mindful and healthy lifestyle through the 5 pillars of health has changed my life. I have kicked a multi-decade long habit of alcohol abuse and feel more deeply connected to my inner wisdom, with ever bite of fruit."  - Jenny W. 

"Katie and Jaime are two of my favourite people - they are so personable and actually care about your progress, there advice is something that they have been doing and working on for 20+ years and it really works, they share their biggest challenges, what they enjoy, what they don't or what they find is a struggle and it is refreshing hearing this side of things - Foundations of Body Love will change your life for the better!"
 - Alex C. 

“I’m finding my voice, learning that I’m worthy of boundaries, trusting myself more, looking at my physical body with more love, being so much kinder to myself (I used to tell myself I was stupid or a loser or that I hated myself DAILY ... I think it’s happened once in the last 3 months and I immediately took it back), have so many tools to self-soothe, I’m taking up space!!!” - Debbie

“Both the way I view myself and the world has changed over these three months because of my integrity, passions and values have become stronger. I choose to stay curious about this as I move forward and stay hungry to find more people and spaces of a similar mindset to truly create together.” - Heather​

"I learned to slow down before eating. I learned that it’s ok to have resistance and to sit with it. I learned that it’s always good to journal your thoughts about food, as well well as share experiences with others who are on their own journey. I began to look forward to our Wednesday night meetings so much so that at noon today I wished it was 7:30 pm.” - Lorin 

"I've realized everything within me is connected and I can learn to practice unconditional love towards all parts of myself, even those parts that have gone through trauma and need healing
" - Heather 

"During this time I have really understood how to love myself and not to rely on anybody else. How to feed my body, mind and soul to the fullest! How to live to the fullest and not to allow fear to guide me. I have connected with my deepest self and my highest self and truly tapped in and listened to my inner voice, allowing myself to work towards what I truly want out of this life!"
 - Julia 

"I was looking for answers and I received so much more.  The information Katie and Jamie provide assists with every aspect of our multidimensional beings.  I feel so blessed to have found such supportive guides on this journey with food and life.  Thank you." - Nikki 


"I highly recommend the Body Love Nutrition Reset. Being a 40 year old woman, I am amazed what I was able to learn in such a short period of time. Everyone needs a reset, especially with amazing mentors/coaches along the way. Jamie and Katie are very inspiring and have a wealth of knowledge on an array of health related topics. I especially love the open dialogue during the weekly meetings. I am so glad I participated and will be making positive changes for a lifetime. P.S. there are really no cravings, it's incredible!"
 - Ilana

"Thank you to Jaime & Katie for leading the Nutrition Reset. I appreciated your energy, support, love and vast amount of knowledge. I was sceptical about the miracle of celery juice and the program, but have enjoyed an improvement in my complexion, disappearance of digestive issues and bloating and interestingly an absence of cravings (for alcohol, coffee, meat). I plan to take components of the program and build them into a lifestyle nutrition change on an ongoing basis. Thanks again!" - Monica

"It was important for me to see how drinking water is SO important. I clearly saw the changes as I drank more water during the reset. I learnt a lot of things about what’s good and what’s not good for our body. The lectures were very informative. I would like to thank you both for doing this for us. Much appreciated
." - Frank

"Katie and Jaime are very inspiring . I learnt a lot from them and the other group members . I feel more energized , positive , calm and in control of my eating . Thank you for your help, support and plethora of information. I am grateful that my friend asked me to join her in this experience"  - Robin

"The program was worthwhile despite having some previous knowledge. I was able to implement diet changes which felt more natural and non restrictive which I will allow me to continue more consistently eating this way. I felt supported and loved the group approach.
" - Martha 

"I am really enjoying the Reset so much that I plan to continue on after the 14 days. I am learning so much about my body and what my body needs to work properly. I have really enjoyed the zoom meetings and hearing from others that are experiencing similar challenges and benefits throughout this program. I cant wait to see more of the benefits and learning and listening to my body." -Yanina

"This reset was so great! The information was presented in a way that was in depth but clear and not overwhelming. Even though I have done many cleanses in the past, this reset felt much different in that I was nourishing my body with vitality vs depriving it by restricting all the foods that most people eat day to day. I felt great from day 1, without cravings and felt more clear. I didn't follow everything perfectly but will continue to stick with it. Jaime & Katie were supportive and the info was presented well. Thanks ladies!"
 - Marianne