break old habits & Elevate Your Health  

Body Love 21-Day Nutrition Reset

Join the Body Love Nutrition Reset and start your new year with habits that support your health. 


We know how hard it is to break habits (especially around food), so we make it easy for you. With expert guidance, education, recipe inspiration & community support you will make the changes that create the healthy and energized body you desire.


After one of the most life-changing years humanity has ever experienced, many of us feel like our healthy habits have been derailed, and yet they are more important now than ever before. Let us support you with the guidance, knowledge and inspiration to make food choices that make a big difference in how you feel. 


Let's get your nutrition back on track!

Resetting your Nutrition will help cleanse your body

To achieve a healthy mind and body you need to regularly clear out yesterdays junk. Most of us don't realize our bodies send signals well before a major health crisis occurs. If you have symptoms like, bloating, gas, indigestion, weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, moodiness, energy crashes, psoriasis, arthritis - these are signs that your body is out of balance and requires a change in your self-care habits. 

Learn how to use the right foods to heal your body.

What sets this Nutrition Reset apart from other cleanses?


  • We don't promote gimmicky protein powders, supplements, or unsustainable nutrition practices.

  • We promote whole foods and flooding your body with the nutrients that mother earth provides. 

  • This is not based on starving your body like the popular fasting diet trends (which do not address the underlying issues at hand)​.

  • We encourage practicing daily habits that are sustainable and life-changing. 

  • This is about empowering you with knowledge to make informed choices and to be discerning about diet trends.

  • We will safely guide you to cleanse your liver from environmental toxins, processed foods and pathogens (a healthy liver is key to lasting weight loss).

  • You will get inspiration and motivation from being within community.  


This program is for you if ...


* You’re looking to lose excess weight sustainably

* You suffer from digestive upset or a disorder such as Crohn's, Colitis, or IBS

* Have low energy or feel tired regularly & want to boost your immune system 

* Want to expand your knowledge around nutrition

* Gain control over your eating habits

* Suffer from depression/anxiety

* Experience cystic acne, psoriasis, dry skin or rashes.

* Want to decrease inflammation & toxins from your body


4 Level Nutrition Reset Program 


This is a 4 level nutrition program. As you progress through each level it allows you to go deeper into detoxifying your liver & healing your digestive system. Each time you join us for a reset you empty more toxic load from your body, relieving yourself of painful symptoms and moving your body towards vibrant health. 


The first time you join us you will enter into Level 1. Each level builds upon the last, adding a new layer of healthy habits. 

Level 1

  • Eliminate 8 problematic food/drinks

  • Break food addictions

  • Introduce foods and habits that provide immune boosting results

  • Demystify fruit fear and carb myths that have become popular belief and have led you astray

  • Learn the top diet trends that are harming your body 

Level 2

  • Discover 6 problematic food that drain your energy and prevent weight loss

  • Introduce one of the most powerful detoxifying and digestive enhancing nutrition habits

  • Discover the top foods that improve digestion, increase & stabilize energy

  • Learn the tools to end emotional eating & yo-yo dieting


Level 3

  • Learn how to safety extract mercury, aluminum, lead, copper & other heavy metals from your brain, digestive system, liver, reproductive system which wreak havoc on your body

  • The number one way to repopulate good bacteria in your gut (it's not what you think and it's not found in a pill)

  • Discover what foods are actually contributing to chronic symptoms

  • Develop a healthier relationship with food

Level 4

  • Detoxify your home from toxic chemicals that contribute to overburdening your liver

  • Create a daily nutrition protocol that will support your health for life

  • Reconnect to your intuitive eater and stop looking outside yourself for the latest diet trends

What's includeD in Each level? 


1. Nutrition Reset Guide & grocery list ($50 value)


2. Body Love Recipes ($25 value)


3. 3 Recorded educational videos on how to be successful in your nutrition reset ($150 value) 


4. Expert guidance on why you’ve developed physical symptoms & how to heal at the root ($250 value)


5. 2 live zoom video calls Q & A’s - connect in community, share your experience and receive insightful feedback ($250 value)


6. 1 x 20 minute one-on-one session - discuss your personal health needs & symptoms with an expert

($100 value)


7. Private FB community for asking coaches questions, community support and staying inspired ($50 value)


8. Guided meditation to support mental health & emotional well-being ($100 value)


total VALUE: $975.00

Your Investment: $249/level 


To sign up email:


Prep package delivered on April 6th 


What benefits will I see from this program?


* Increased energy

* Prevent bloating & strengthen your digestive power

* Lose excess weight

* Slow down the aging process (by lowering the oxidative stress from toxins) 

* Address emotional eating habits 

* Better/consistent bowel movements

* Reduce inflammation in the body

* Restful sleep

* Reduce and manage depression & anxiety 

* Overall feeling of more joy, happiness and vibrancy

* Clear, radiant skin

* Kick start your healing journey of chronic symptoms



"The nutrition reset guide is worth it's weight in gold! I couldn't wait for the next video to be released and I watched them more than once. It was full of empowering knowledge and I was captivated by Jaime & Katie's delivery. What a dynamic duo!" - Paula C. 

" Highly recommend this reset. Being a 40 year old woman, I am amazed what I was able to learn in such a short period of time. Everyone needs a reset, especially with amazing mentors/coaches along the way. Jamie and Katie are very inspiring and have a wealth of knowledge on an array of health related topics. I especially love the open dialogue during the Q & A meetings. I am so glad I participated and will be making positive changes for a lifetime. PS- there are no cravings during this reset! It's incredible" - Ilana 


"It was important for me to see how drinking lemon water is so important. I clearly saw the changes as I drank more water during the reset. My varicose veins went away, I was so surprised. I learnt a lot of things about what’s good and what’s not good for our body. The lectures were very informative. I would like to thank you both for doing this for us. Much appreciated
." - Frank

"This reset was so great! The information was presented in a way that was in depth but clear and not overwhelming. Even though I have done many cleanses in the past, this reset felt much different in that I was nourishing my body with vitality vs depriving it by restricting all the foods that most people eat day to day. I felt great from day 1, without cravings and felt more clear. Thanks ladies!
" Marianne 

"Thanks to Jaime & Katie for leading the Nutrition Reset. I really appreciated your energy, support, love and vast amount of knowledge. I was sceptical about the miracle of celery juice and the program, but have enjoyed an improvement in my complexion, disappearance of digestive issues and bloating and interestingly an absence of cravings (for alcohol, coffee, meat). I plan to take components of the program and build them into a lifestyle nutrition change on an ongoing basis. So much gratitude for you both!" - Monica


Meet your Coaches Jaime Verk & Katie Hamilton 

Reset 2021 Dates: 

Winter Reset

January 12th - Information is delivered to you via email.

January 16th - Official start date of your nutrition reset. 

January 21st & 28th - Live Q&A and personal sharing via zoom. Link will be sent via email.  

January 30th - Last day of cleanse. Yay!!! 

Spring Reset

April 6th - Information is delivered to you via email.

April 10th - Official start date of your nutrition reset.

April 15th & 22nd- Live Q&A and personal sharing via zoom. Link will be sent via email.

May 1st - Last day of cleanse. Yay!!!

Summer Reset

July 6th - Information is delivered to you via email.

July 10th- Official start date of your nutrition reset.

July 15th & 22nd - Live Q&A and personal sharing via zoom. Link will be sent via email.

July 31st - Last day of cleanse. Yay!!!

Fall Reset

October 5th - Information is delivered to you via email.

October 9th - Official start date of your nutrition reset.

October 16th & 23rd - Live Q&A and personal sharing via zoom. Link will be sent via email.

October 30th - Last day of cleanse. Yay!!!