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Foundations of Body Love



Learn the tools and practices that will transform your mind, body and spirit.

What is Foundations of Body Love?

Foundations of Body Love is an 8 week online group coaching program designed to support you to take ownership of your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 

Learn the foundational self-care tools that you were never taught in school - Holistic Nutrition, Mindset and Body Practices, and Self-Love Rituals that are fundamental to your well-being and self-growth.


You will learn life-long tools that will reconnect you with your intuition, support a vibrant and healthy body, heal dis-ease (both physical and mental) at the root, clear limiting beliefs and old patterns that prevent you from living a deeply fulfilling life. 


This program is designed for the CHANGE MAKERS of tomorrow. The ones who believe our world is in a time of incubation and transition, ready to give way to a new type of relating to ourselves and the world around us. 


Are you ready to heal past storylines around separation, shame, disempowerment and unworthiness?


Are you ready to elevate your daily habits and and your health?


Do you believe in the power of self growth in a safe container of

like minded souls?

Do you desire connection and community? 


Are you ready to be witnessed in speaking your truth as a powerful tool for self healing and transformation?

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~ You want to develop greater emotional resilience to manage your mental health.

~ You struggle with issues around self-worth, self-acceptance & self-respect.

~You compare yourself to those around you & experience feeling of

not being enough. 

~ You have struggled in moments of sexual intimacy, because you felt

ashamed of how you look or unworthy of your partner's love?

~ You want to learn how to support your mental & physical health with a

whole foods approach to diet and nutrition.

~ You want a clear blueprint for personal growth & self-healing. 

~ You desire to live in a healthy body full of vitality without having to take prescription drugs. 


~ You want to quiet your inner critic and trust your intuition. 


~ You desire to create an abundant & empowered mindset & transform your life.

If you answered YES to any of these, you are in the right place.

ABOUT THE 5 pillars of body love


This program empowers your transformation using our unique 

5 pillar system of 

Nutrition, Mindset, Body, Self-Love Rituals & Community. 

Chia Pudding

Our method is based on a whole foods approach. No gimmicks! This way of eating will support healing digestive issues and provide lasting energy. 

Did you know that the food you eat affects your physical, mental and emotional body. 

Do you ever feel tired in the morning?


Does your mood fluctuate, do you experience depression or anxiety?


Discover how eating the right foods at the right time of day can strengthen your mental well-being, intuition and heal your body. 

Group Meditation

Transformation only happens when you shift your mindset.


Did you know that your inner world creates your outer world?

Your mind is a powerful tool for change. We help you end the loop of unhelpful thoughts and give you tools to create a positive outlook. 


When you can identify and dissolve your limiting beliefs, you create the freedom to  design a new narrative that supports a positive self-image and greater fulfillment in your life.

Woods with Fog

Your physical body houses your emotions as well as your thoughts and past experiences. 

Learn how to listen and interpret your body's messages.


Sensations, symptoms, and pain are all ways your body is trying to communicate with you. 

Have you lost trust within yourself?


Regain the connection with your intuition and recognize the messages your body is trying to communicate to you.

Wellness Coach

The cure to all suffering is self-love.

Each loving action you take towards yourself adds up. It creates your self-image, and what you are willing to accept or not accept allow in your relationships. 


The degree to which you align with self-worth, self-respect and self-love determines your quality of life. 


One of the most challenging aspects of life is how much or how little love you are willing to show yourself.

You cannot expect someone to love you if you don't fully love yourself first. 


Humans aren't meant to be alone.

Since ancient times people gathered in community to do healing work together and support each other to grow. 

The Body Love Community is a safe space to be vulnerable.


When we open up the places that have been hiding in shame we heal them in the presence of love and compassion. 


Connect with like-minded individuals who are on a self-healing journey, who want to rise up together, feeling safe and supported. 

What sets this course apart

We empower you to become your own self-care expert


You will receive individual attention as well as group coaching. 

This program is hosted by two experienced and caring health coaches who support you every step of the way. 

We teach you how to harmonize your physical, mental and emotional well-being. We don't separate the mind from the body in our holistic approach. 

We welcome all human beings who are ready to be

witnessed in their transformation.  

You will receive a clear blueprint of knowing how to care for your yourself with holistic nutrition & emotional resilience tools.


Get ready to claim your confidence and ignite your commitment to the most vibrant version of yourself.

Every session is delivered live with an opportunity to ask questions, share your challengesbreakthroughs and insights.

All video calls are recorded, so if you have to miss a week you'll still be up to date and feel connected to the group. 


We also have our private FACEBOOK community for inspiring each other and staying connected throughout the week. 

We meet weekly, for a 90-minute LIVE video call (recorded).

Every week a different invitation is given for personal practice to support the mind, body or spirit and present an opportunity for

self-inquiry & growth. 


"A truly life changing program! 

I went into the experience not knowing what to expect, and I was blown away. 

Katie and Jaime were so accommodating supportive throughout the program, and gently pushed me to grow. Foundations of Body Love provided a toolkit for self care and daily practice and taught me how to take care of my mind, heart, body, and soul. 


Most significant was the community and embarking on a journey of learning and growing alongside such a wonderful group of people and coaches. We cultivated and co-created a beautiful safe space for everyone to express vulnerability and authenticity. We created a space to listen to one another, to share, to support, to relate, to hold space, and to love. 


Prior to the program I struggled with consistency in practice and holding myself accountable, I have since developed daily practice and non-negotiable practices that I stick to and have also learned to release shame and judgements on days where I struggle with them. 

We were encouraged to reflect, to notice patterns and limiting beliefs that don’t  serve us, and we were taught how to shatter them and grow into healthier ways of living – both emotionally and physically. We addressed resistance in open, gentle, and non-judgemental ways, and were guided on how to move past them into healing. 


Over the 8 weeks I’ve deepened my connection with myself, my body, and with my love, and I continue every day to learn to listen to by body and heart. I am so incredibly grateful for the experience in Foundations of Body Love!!! 

I am looking forward to continuing the journey with Katie and Jaime in the 

6-month Body Love Mastery program."

~ Becca L, Guelph ON


“I feel amazing, the best I felt in years.”

​“I feel like I am coming back to myself again.”

​“Sharing my journey in this way showed me what the true power healing in community can offer.”

​“There is movement through the fog as I reconnect to my inner compass.”

​"I felt held, supported and safe in their care.”

"My IBS symptoms are almost gone."

​"I've never felt more in love with myself. "

​“So much eye-opening information around nutrition.”

​“I have gained so much awareness of how food makes me feel.”

​"This course has literally changed my life. I have so many new thoughts and feelings about my body and my life that are more positive than ever before." 

​“I have more energy and more love to share.”


More CONFIDENCE in yourself. 

Learned to QUIET your inner critic. 

CLARITY around making healthy choices about nutrition.

Activated your COMMITMENT to self-care.

STRONG self-esteem and body image.

Cultivated a toolkit for SELF-HEALING and caring for your emotions.

Gained CONTROL over emotional eating. 

The POWER to take your health and happiness into your own hands and have

a clear path towards TRANSFORMATION.     



Week 1: Nutrition - a necessary foundation for self healing 

  • Debunking the misinformation around fad diets & health trends that put you at risk for more dis-ease. 

  • Eliminate/ limit the 10 of the most problematic foods from your diet.

  • Learn what foods activate your body's natural ability to heal & detoxify at a cellular level. 

  • Adopt a sustainable approach to eating that will support you for your lifetime. 


Week 2: Creating a Positive & Confident Self Image

  • Identifying limiting beliefs practice.

  • Breathwork to support clearing the old and creating space for the new.

  • Learn food combinations to help improve digestion and support lasting energy. 

Week 3:  Befriending Your Emotions vs. Being Afraid of Them

  • Learn emotional self-regulation techniques. 

  • Processing emotions all the way through (free your body from stored emotions & past trauma).  

  • Identifying avoidance patterns & habits around emotional eating & other addictive tendencies. 


Week 4: Radical Self Responsibility

  • Discover rituals for deepening self-love. 

  • Identifying your self-care non-negotiables. 

  • I AM Mantra & the power of positive affirmations.

Week 5: Healing Ceremony

  • Remembering that your life is sacred.

  • Get inspired to create your own ceremony for self-intimacy & self-healing. 

Week 6: Build Trust with your Body's Inner Wisdom

  • Deepen your intuition

  • Regain trust with yourself.  

  • Mirror work.

Week 7: Libido & Reproductive Health

  • Reproductive health

  • Improve your Libido  

  • Your body and your cycles.

Week 8: Starting to Envision The New You

  • How to maintain healthy habits and your commitment to your self transformation.  

  • Creating the new narrative and the next best version of yourself. 

You Will Also Learn:

E.F.T. Emotional Freedom Technique

Tools for managing anxiety & depression

Somatic movement 

Energy medicine 


Restorative yoga

Mantras & Affirmations 

How to create a meal plan

To identify your goals vs. intentions 



Energy/emotional hygiene


*The program curriculum is subject to change based on the needs of each group. 

IMAGINE yourself

Empowered to own your inherent and unique gifts.


In control of self-criticism 

and judgements.

Feeling confident when you're in the company of other powerful humans.


Deeply in love with yourself without needing outside validation from anyone else. 

MEET YOur Transformation Guides


Hi there,

 Jaime & Katie here, welcome to the Body Love community.


We are so excited and honoured to help you transform your health on all levels. 

It is truly amazing what 8 weeks of inspiring self-practice and group healing can lead to in a

safe and nurturing environment. The Foundations of Body Love Program will give you a clear roadmap towards your own self-growth journey using tools to build deeper self-intimacy and

develop a solid sense of self-love. 


We have both overcome so many challenges in our lives and what we teach is what has helped us (and our clients) overcome physical dis-ease and traumatic past wounds. It was through many years of seeking holistic healing modalities, education, self-inquiry, and inner spiritual work that we've been able to accumulate these powerful daily practices and emotional resiliency tools. 


We met in 2018 at an adult summer camp called, camp Reset.  Both of us were in a transitional time in our lives, going through divorce/separation from long term partnerships. In getting to know each other we bonded over our similar life experiences. We are both driven to help serve others and create a safe place for connection to self and community. 


We both grew up in families where there were dysfunctional relationships, mental illness, addiction, instability and a huge lack of emotional support. We experienced similar storylines, limiting beliefs, and toxic patterns that we have overcome throughout our lives. It was uncanny, as we had individually overcome so much tragedy and trauma with the support of a very similar toolkit. We each have about twenty years of self experience and education in the holistic health field, including yoga, meditation, nutrition, energy medicine & fitness. 


We knew it was divine intervention that we met and were inspired to co-create workshops and programs to help others rise up into their unique gifts and greatness. After a year of collaborating on a number of community building events focused on self-care, self-love and group healing, came the birth of the Body Love Mission. The Foundations of Body Love program is a must for all human beings that want the secrets to more vibrant health, happiness and satisfaction in life. 

Whether you're considering joining this 8 week coaching program or working with us one on one, we look forward to connecting with you and hearing about where you're at and why you're ready to do this exciting work for yourself now. 

Jaime also known as JLove is an Intuitive Energy Healer & Self-Care Coach.


She is a magnetic facilitator and artist who delights in inspiring others to take a playful and creative method in their self-growth journey. Her gentle yet direct approach helps her clients activate their inner magic of self-healing and manifesting the things they truly want in life.  

Jaime is passionate about community building and connecting people who are ready for a deeper experience in their lives as well as their relationships.


She holds workshops on self intimacy and the power of touch, movement & food as alternative emotional & physical healing tools.


She is the creator of a group touch practice called "Octomassage" an exploration of offering/receiving compassionate platonic touch while exploring one's own boundaries with their ability to offer/receive touch.

Jaime possesses a profound ability to know where her clients have a physical, emotional or mental dis-ease. She has always been intenterested in how the body works and through her own injuries and accidents she's been able to use her knowledge of rehabilitative Pilates and Restorative Yoga to support those suffering from chronic pain. 

She's a nurturing teacher and spiritual guide who humbly walks her talk and  leads by first hand experience.  Jaime is an inspiration to all those who have struggled with their physical and mental health and advocates for self-love as being the cure for all our human suffering.  

Her passion is fuelled by the idea that we are all creators of our own destiny. We are all able to cultivate sublime happiness, heal our most painful wounds and embody more pleasure in our lives if we are courageous enough to go after it.


Jaime is a certified Energy Medicine and Reiki practitioner. She has been teaching Yoga, Pilates & Meditation since 2013. She is also a channel, medium and intuitive card reader.  

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Jaime Verk, BFA

Intuitive Energy Healer & Self - Care Coach

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Katie Hamilton B.Kin, CNP

Health Transformation Coach & Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Katie is a health and transformation coach who empowers her clients to claim their personal power, regain vitality and trust their inner guidance. Katie guides you to make the changes that are necessary for your growth and well-being. 


She has dedicated over 20 years to the study and practice of various health and wellness modalities such as holistic nutrition, sound healing, meditation and mindfulness, energy medicine, zpilates and fitness and restorative yoga. Katie’s passion for this work emerged from her own journey of self-healing from chronic fatigue, brain fog, depression, digestive disorders, and severe allergies. With this firsthand healing experience, she has a deep understanding of what it takes to heal and build a solid foundation for lasting vitality. 


Katie also facilitates movement, meditation and sound healing workshops designed to support deep healing, inner transformation and freedom of expression. Katie’s mission is to support her clients in cultivating & embodying more joy, fulfillment and pleasure in life.  


Katie is a Certified Sound Practitioner through Shanti Sounds Costa Rica; a graduate of Kinesiology from McMaster University; a Holistic Nutritionist from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition; and a certified Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master.

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INVEST IN YOURSELF you're worth it!





Start your journey now!

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