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We are leaders in integrative wellness programming and community building. Our programs elevate the health and happiness of our clients through guiding them to make positive changes in their nutrition, movement, mindfulness & self-care habits.

Jaime Verk, BFA

Personal Freedom Coach | Intuitive Energy Healer | Artist 

Jaime also known as JLove is a magnetic facilitator and artist who delights in inspiring others to take a playful and creative method in their self-growth journey.


Her gentle yet direct approach helps her clients activate their inner magic of self-healing and manifesting the things they truly want in life.  

Jaime is passionate about community building and connecting people who are ready for a deeper experience in their lives as well as their relationships.


She holds workshops on self intimacy and the power of touch, movement & food as alternative emotional & physical healing tools.


She is the creator of a group touch practice called "Octomassage" an exploration of offering/receiving compassionate platonic touch while exploring one's own boundaries with their ability to offer/receive touch.

Jaime possesses a profound ability to know where her clients have a physical, emotional or mental dis-ease. She has always been interested in how the body works and through her own injuries and accidents she's been able to use her knowledge of rehabilitative Pilates and Restorative Yoga to support those suffering from chronic pain. 

She's a nurturing teacher and spiritual guide who humbly walks her talk and  leads by first hand experience.  Jaime is an inspiration to all those who have struggled with their physical and mental health and advocates for self-love as being the cure for all our human suffering.  

Her passion is fuelled by the idea that we are all creators of our own destiny. We are all able to cultivate sublime happiness, heal our most painful wounds and embody more pleasure in our lives if we are courageous enough to go after it.


Jaime is a certified Energy Medicine and Reiki practitioner. She has been teaching Yoga, Pilates & Meditation since 2013. She is also a channel, medium and intuitive card reader.  

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Katie Hamilton, B.Kin, CNP

Katie is a health and transformation coach who empowers her clients to claim their personal power, regain vitality and trust their inner guidance. Katie guides you to make the changes that are necessary for your growth and well-being. 


She has dedicated over 20 years to the study and practice of various health and wellness modalities such as holistic nutrition, sound healing, meditation and mindfulness, energy medicine, pilates and fitness and restorative yoga. Katie’s passion for this work emerged from her own journey of self-healing from chronic fatigue, brain fog, depression, digestive disorders, and severe allergies. With this firsthand healing experience, she has a deep understanding of what it takes to heal and build a solid foundation for lasting vitality. 


Katie also facilitates movement, meditation and sound healing workshops designed to support deep healing, inner transformation and freedom of expression. Katie’s mission is to support her clients in cultivating & embodying more joy, fulfillment and pleasure in life.  


Katie is a Certified Sound Practitioner through Shanti Sounds Costa Rica; a graduate of Kinesiology from McMaster University; a Holistic Nutritionist from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition; and a certified Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master.

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Personal Freedom Coach | Certified Holistic Nutritionist