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The Body Love Mission

We believe in a world where people are free to enjoy their bodies without shame or judgement. 



we are here to show you WHAT IS POSSIBLE IN yOUR life when you do the emotional work & take ownership of what you truly want. 

our mission is to help you heal at the root so you have the FREEDOM to enjoy your body, experience more love & pleasure in your life

like never before. 


Humans are as much a part of nature as trees, flowers and animals. We have become disconnected from mother earth, ourselves and each other. We have been programmed and conditioned to look outside of ourselves and depend on others for our health and happiness. 

Our education system doesn't teach us how to care for our bodies, resolve our emotions or listen to our intuition. Unfortunately many people never learned or developed the physical, emotional & mental tools required to be self sufficient and resilient with all the challenges and trials life presents us with. 

Even if you've had a great childhood and a loving family there are elements that were missing from your education & upbringing. 

We have created this community to support you with the tools and knowledge of how to heal and care for your physical body, tend to your emotions, and trust in your intuition and inner guidance. 


In our Body Love Community we invite all people - men and women from all walks of life so we can create a bridge of compassion and understanding between us as human beings and dissolve old storylines of us vs. them. 


 We promote celebrating each other's unique gifts. Inspiring each other through sharing our vulnerability on the path to embrace more radical self-love. This community is a safe space to practice self-worth, build self-respect and get inspired to take better care of your body.


We invite you to check out our different offerings and find out how you can start taking action towards healing and self-growth now.

Come join our mission.

Stay in touch, inspire one another and share your journey. 

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Debbie Michailidis

"I took a leap of faith and 

I have to say It was really such an incredible  experience. In doing this work I got to know myself better and have been able to set some boundaries around my negative thoughts. I've learned how to turn off the loop that  plays in my head, which has been a huge gift. For the first time in, I don't even know how long, I saw my body as cute and confident in a bikini. Which is so freaking FREEING! 


Daniel Goodman

"This program pushed me to get vulnerable and talk more raw and real about things I've held back from in the past. I feel a powerful progression in my ability to express my emotions now. Being part of community was so important at this moment in my life. I have such a deep gratitude for this experience. I have learned to honour all the parts of myself without judgements."


Claire Hicks

"I said yes to working with Katie and Jaime after a phone call. I immediately felt I could trust these women and I'm so glad I did. This course far exceeded my expectations. I learned how important it is to be consistent with my self-care tools and how powerful it is to be in a community that helps to hold me accountable to the growth I want for myself."