The Body Love Mission is a movement to unite people in community, dissolving the old toxic themes around separation, worthiness, self criticism and competition. 


Humans are as much a part of nature as trees, flowers and animals. We have been taken away from our connection to mother earth. We have been programmed and conditioned to look outside of ourselves and depend on others for our health and happiness. 

Unfortunately many people never developed the emotional & mental  tools required to be self sufficient and resilient with all the challenges and trials life presents us with. 

Even if you've had a great childhood and a loving family there are elements that were missing from your education & upbringing. We aren't taught how to properly support our mental & emotional health.  

We have created this community to support the change makers of tomorrow in their personal physical, metal and emotional evolution. 

We reject comparison, negative self-talk and body shame and seek to empower each other to take actions to heal those old story lines around sex, gender, race and empower each other to rewrite and create a brighter future. 


We promote celebrating each other's unique gifts. Inspiring each other through sharing our vulnerability on the path to embrace more radical self-love. This community is a safe space to learn about your boundaries, to practice self worth, respect and appreciation of our bodies.

Claim your confidence, elevate you self and stand proud of your inherent uniqueness


 Together let's dissolve toxic & oppressive storylines, limiting beliefs, past programming & shame. 


Let go of all the themes that stand in the way of being your most vibrant, healthy, authentic self.


Feel more in love with yourself and develop a deeper appreciation for yourself.

Come join our mission.

Stay in touch, inspire one another and share your journey. 

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Our Mission: 

prioritize self-care.

end toxic shame.

choose self-acceptance.

reject comparison. 

practice self-reliance. 

celebrate uniqueness.  

radiate confidence.

support community. 

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